Wondering what you should keep in your kitchen?


These are the pantry and fridge items and kitchen tools and equipment that I'd tell you to have on-hand – updated seasonally. Naturally, there are a handful of long-life perishables included, too, because it's tough to go to the grocery store every day.

i like to transform fresh, seasonal produce using simple ingredients that are easy to store and have on-hand when needed. it's all about versatility. if you have a surplus of an item or want ideas for a meal, click on the linked items below for a glossary of related recipes.

summer fruits and veggies to look out for:

basil / beets / berries of all kinds / cucumbers / eggplant / figs / greens (arugula; boston red leaf; escarolespinach) / lemons / onions (vidalia) / parsleypeaches / plums / radishes / shallots / squash / tomatillos / tomatoes

pantry STaples to consider:

almondsanchovies / capers / chicken stock / couscousextra virgin olive oil / flour / garlic / hazelnuts / honey / jalapeños (jarred) / mustard (whole-grain) / olives (green) / peanuts / peanut butterpecans / pine nuts / plum tomatoes (canned) / quinoa / raisins (golden) / soy sauce / sugar / vegetable oil / vinegar (balsamic, white winered wine, rice wine)

spice and seasoning essentials:

black pepper / chili flakes / cinnamon / garam masala / salt (kosher and maldon)

Fridge ideas:

 butter / cheese (cheddarfeta; goatparmigiano reggiano; ricotta) / eggs / milk / pancetta / prosciutto / yogurt (greek)

fish, meat, and poultry:

beef / chicken / duck / fish (catfish; salmon) / pork (chops, cutletsribs) / turkey (ground)

what I like year-round:

arugulabrussels sproutscauliflower / chicken / grapefruits / pears / potatoes (new; sweet) / radishes