The art of rotisserie chicken

Y'all, it's officially been one year of this recipe newsletter. And, more than 60 recipes later, I'm already looking forward to what another year is going to bring.

Next week, you'll get a look at how me and mine do Christmas breakfast – a first dabble into the sweeter side of things that I'll take with this newsletter. Now, today, I'm changes things up a bit. Not a recipe but a guide.

So, I rely a lot on a rotisserie chicken to get through my work week, while still allowing myself to cook a bit. Here are the recipes I'd use to conquer the fowl thing over the course of five days – and recipes that are particularly suited for making in portions of one or two.

What to do with a rotisserie chicken for one:

Monday: Chicken wrap with yogurt sauce
This is an easy one to make in a single portion – and also is well-suited for lunch the next day. The yogurt sauce is simple enough to whip up, too, and is an excellent compliment with roasted vegetables, like this cauliflower.

Tuesday: Warm Brussels sprouts, beets and parmesan salad with chicken
I like to add chicken to this flavorful winter salad. I shred a leg or thigh and mix in dark meat into the mustard vinaigrette before tossing with the rest of the ingredients.

Wednesday: Greens with avocado, tomatoes and hazelnuts in shallot vinaigrette
Add chicken to what I refer to (humbly) as "the world's best salad." A chicken breast compliments a fresh main course that hits all the notes – bright, sweet tomatoes; nutty and crunchy hazelnuts; fatty avocados; and slightly spicy, earthy shallot vinaigrette. This is another dish that is killer for a a #notsaddesklunch.

Thursday: Individual chicken pot pie
A classic, comforting staple is just the thing to get you to Friday. Use extra vegetables from earlier in the week to fill out your pot pie; maybe you have extra Brussels sprouts or cauliflower? You can throw them in. Just try to keep the proportions even! 

Friday: Chicken and broccoli quiche
Okay, so, this is pushing a rotisserie chicken if you didn't buy a big one. But Friday night is the night I like to cook for a group or even for some extra weekend meals. Use your remaining chicken to fill out a quiche. Use a store-bought (there are good ones out there – I promise!) crust to save you time – that way you can pour yourself a big glass of wine while it bakes away. Another crowd pleaser that are rotisserie chicken friendly (but require a whole bird) are these green chicken enchiladas.

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