Pine nut guacamole


This is the thing that will give your crackers new life. That makes a killer spread with a crudite platter. That you my just pick up a spoon and snack on.

The ingredients may sound sparse, but the flavors are incredibly robust and it's absurdly filling due to the PNs. The nutty, earthy vibe of this guac – if you can even call it that – has a natural sweetness from the pine nut that is balanced the (good) fattiness of the avocado.

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What you need

2 tbsp pine nuts

1 avocado, 1/2 inch dice

1 tsp sea salt

How it works

Place the pine nuts in a small saute pan, and, over medium heat, toast the pine nuts until they gain a warm golden brown color. 

With a mortar and pestle or the butt of a chef's knife, roughly crush the pine nuts. There should still be large pieces of pine nuts – we're not trying to make pine nut butter here.

On a plate, add avocado, salt and pine nuts. Using a fork, crush the ingredients to combine to your preferred texture.

Serve immediately over crackers or toast – crackers or toast with dried fruit are pretty awesome with this – or place in a bowl to serve with a crudite spread. Or just get a spoon and have at it.

If making ahead of time, reserve one of the avocado pits. Place the avocado pit on top of the guac. Grab enough cling film to cover and place on top of the guac, ensuring that the film is touching it so that no air can get it.

Since there isn't acid, like lemon or lime, keep in mind that it will brown more quickly when exposed to the elements. I recommend eating this within a few hours of making it.