Fresh flavors. Simple ingredients. Straightforward instructions. That's what's on the menu. 

The modern plight

I believe in removing all distractions – throwing the cell into airplane mode and turning off the TV – and building a delicious meal from scratch. The goal of the recipes on is to provide people who enjoy cooking with simple, straightforward recipes for any day of the week.

But loving to cook doesn't always translate into the hustle of a workweek.

That's why, beyond giving you (mostly) wholesome recipes, I'm trying to solve a very modern plight: How do you cook a fresh, tasty meal after a long workday in a portion size that makes sense for your household?


Whether you've had a late night at the office or want to soak up as much time as you can with guests while entertaining, my recipes focus on useful techniques from the pros and time-efficient ways to get the most flavorful food.

Time commitments for recipes are always explained in each introduction, and I always try to include tips for your inner multitasker that will optimize your cooking experience.

Portions and easy leftovers

I work on recipes that make sense for smaller households – ranging from one to four people. I'll walk you through how much a recipe makes in each recipe's introduction, and will explain the easiest ways to cut-down or multiply portion sizes.

These recipes will walk you through what makes for delicious leftovers; which leftovers are easy to re-purpose and eat in different ways throughout the week; and how best to store and keep leftovers.



So, are you ready to embark on a culinary journey?



About AK Butler

AK Butler is classically trained in French technique with experience cooking in Michelin-starred kitchens and writing and editing recipes and cookbooks. Her travels, deep Texas roots and love of history inspire her simple, straightforward food. AK lives in Dallas and works as an editor.

The perfect illustrations have been created by Robert F. Alvarez.